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D'Enfent Engine

D'Enfent Engine is a library that contains high-level classes to access OpenGL functions. It contains classes that may be very useful in game development: GUI components, sprite classes, and classes to handle mouse/keyboard events. It has a full API reference, as well as lessons to help you start working with the library.

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Codeless approach to design GUI 09 Oct 2010 16:11

Two new lessons were posted at the site: The first one covers new ConfigFile class functionality and overall impact it has on the library and the next one describes GUI file format that can be used to design GUI of your game without even a line of C++ code.

Recent releases

  •  03 Nov 2010 19:23

    Release Notes: Updates in GUILoader. The 'interface' sample was reworked using a GUI file. Texture caching has been added to TextureTool to avoid loading duplicated textures to the memory. The 'Bart' game was reworked to use GUI files instead of a hard-coded GUI made in C++. Support for fixed size windows. World2D/Layer classes were introduced to simplify work on 2D applications (use the 'sprites' sample as a reference).

    •  06 Oct 2010 17:13

      Release Notes: The GUILoader class was implemented to load GUI components from text files, and the "sprite_interface" sample program was fully reworked to reflect these changes. There are fixes in the ConfigFile class.

      •  04 Oct 2010 18:09

        Release Notes: New samples were added: to demonstrate ConfigFile class usage and how a gloomy effect from "SilentHill: Home Coming" can be implemented in your game. Enhancements in TextWriter to support Unicode strings. The ConfigFile class was added to store "key=value" text files as well as hierarchical structures (like the GUI system has).

        •  18 Sep 2010 19:48

          Release Notes: The GUI system was refactored: now it is hierarchical. The ADD_TO_TOP flag was removed. The concept of Desktop classes was proposed. Fixes were made in PNGLoader. The Engine was formed as a singleton class. The number of draw calls per frame is available in the Engine class.

          •  10 Sep 2010 20:24

            Release Notes: Building on Windows was fixed.


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