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Demoroniser is a Perl script which attempts to fix the gratuitously incompatible HTML generated by Microsoft applications. Many Microsoft programs use an 'enhanced' version of Latin-1 with extra characters like quotation marks and dashes. Sometimes people paste these characters into supposedly ASCII or Latin-1 web pages, resulting in pages that don't display properly on non-MS platforms. Demoroniser replaces these MS characters with standard ASCII equivalents. It also fixes up wrongly nested tags generated by HTML export in some MS applications.

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  •  31 Aug 2001 17:49

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

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    08 Apr 2002 12:14 ed_avis

    Re: See also...

    > Is there a "demoroniser"
    > available for straight ASCII?

    GNU recode should do it: 'recode windows-1257..ASCII'. That might change the line endings too though.

    20 Mar 2002 13:06 stevecoh1

    Re: See also...

    > If you want to tidy up Microsoft HTML,
    > see also HTML Tidy. If you use
    > www_proxy, you can configure it to use
    > demoroniser as a filter on all pages.
    > (It would be handy if the project
    > record included a section for 'related
    > projects', but there doesn't seem to be
    > one.)

    Is there a "demoroniser" available for straight ASCII? I know it would be simple enough to write one, but I want something I can give to the guy at the other end of a feed without doing his work for him.

    28 Sep 2001 05:05 ed_avis

    Re: Why was this posted now ?

    Why is this program any less newsworthy than the latest .0001 version increment to one of the projects that seem to clog the front page several days in a row? I go to Freshmeat to find out about software; I'm not biased against software that happens to have been written a little while ago. If there is some project which is old but I didn't know about it before, that's just as useful as a new project I wasn't aware of.

    I can understand wanting to keep the front page uncluttered, and I'm not suggesting a hundred backdated news announcements for the entire 2.1.x Linux kernel series :-). But if it's okay for some projects to get new announcements week after week, surely it's okay to have one single news item for something like demoroniser.

    31 Aug 2001 21:02 jeffcovey

    Re: Why was this posted now ?

    > I mean, this is a 1998 program, that's
    > the date on the web page, man pages and
    > even the source code.

    Sorry about that. We try not to announce "news" that's old, but this
    one slipped through.

    31 Aug 2001 20:11 namaral

    Re: Why was this posted now ?
    Please note I do like to see more programs registered at fm, even if they are old and known, like this one ;)


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