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DeltaQt is a cross-platform library of C++ classes and functions for parsing of DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) files, and is part of the Free DELTA initiative. Support for all major data-related DELTA directives is planned. Typesetting directives are beyond the scope of the project, and support for them is not planned. Support for RTF formatting within comments, notes, descriptions, etc. is planned. All data defined by supported DELTA directives (including comments and annotations) will be parsed into memory. Qt (core) is used extensively.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Delta Datasets included with DeltaQt 03 Feb 2012 21:32

Starting with version 0.4.0 of DeltaQt, the DELTA datasets are not included within the source code release package (although they are still in the source code repository). The datasets are now provided as a separate package that can be downloaded from

Recent releases

  •  16 Feb 2012 04:39

    Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed. Tests have been added to compare the output from DeltaQt (after parsing) with the input files to verify that the data output matches the input data. All of the 'core' functionality is implemented apart from character images and taxon images.

    •  03 Feb 2012 21:30

      Release Notes: This release includes an additional DELTA dataset and additional support for text encoding. It supports the "meta-directive" *COMMENT @encoding to specify text encoding for the input files. The Myxomycetes dataset is encoded using IBM850 and the encoding "meta-directive" has been added to each of its input files to exemplify the @encoding feature. Additionally, basic validation is now performed by comparing the parsed data with the values defined by the Delta directives “number of characters”, “maximum number of states”, “maximum number of items” and “numbers of states”.

      •  27 Jan 2012 05:44

        Release Notes: Support for text encoding. Updates to the example application so that the user can choose between Windows-1252, UTF-8, and IBM850 (CP850) encodings, although any text encoding supported by Qt is possible. Updates to the text encoding also fix a bug under Fedora16 (KDE, Qt 4.8.0) where an incorrect encoding was used.

        •  25 Jan 2012 07:25

          Release Notes: The addition of the VIDE dataset to packaged DELTA datasets. A minor bugfix reading character notes. Minor optimizations (parsing is ~12% faster than 0.3.0). An updated example application. Note: this was originally going to be version 0.3.1, but the addition of VIDE to the package warrants a minor version increase rather than a revision increase. VIDE is a complex dataset that stresses' the parser (it takes considerably longer to parse than the other included datasets).

          •  21 Jan 2012 22:11

            Release Notes: In addition to bugfixes, the following DELTA directives are now supported: dependent characters, implicit values, and mandatory characters.


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