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  •  10 Aug 2007 00:16

Release Notes: This release fixes frozen threads or broken data which could be caused with thread based implementations of SSL and gzip filters.

  •  08 Jun 2007 06:01

Release Notes: This release includes minor fixes for the thread-based implementation of the SSL gateway and porting to "Kuro-Box" (a NAS kit with ARM-Linux)

Release Notes: The implementation of built-in filters for SSL and gzip has become based on threads instead of processes. The establishment of an SSL session has become faster by about two times on Unix and ten times on Windows, and the gzip encoding over HTTP has come to be achieved on the fly.

  •  08 Feb 2007 05:08

Release Notes: This release fixed routing of UDP and FTP over chained SOCKS servers, extended uniform authentication with upstream proxies of various protocols, added relaying of FTP over SSL tunnels, and more.

Release Notes: This release adds "SocksTap" (a SOCKS-based transparent application-level proxy), which establishes the connection to a server as a SOCKS proxy, then mediates the communication as an application-level proxy of HTTP, FTP, NNTP, etc. with logging, caching, and so on.

Release Notes: This version supports "implanted configuration parameters" in the executable file of DeleGate to restrict who can execute the executable and which functions of it are available, or to tailor the executable adapting to the environment in which it is used.

Release Notes: This version supports "Man-In-The-Middle" mode to rewrite messages as an HTTPS/SSL proxy. Sending the log to multiple syslog servers is supported. The latency to apply an external filter program has become several times shorter, and abortions of processes on Windows were fixed.

Release Notes: This version supports serving huge files (larger than 4 GB) via FTP and HTTP as an origin and caching server.

Release Notes: This release includes extensions to support access counter and Cookie encryption. Many fixes were made regarding CGI, CFI, SSI, and HTTP Keep-Alive for Windows.

Release Notes: This version supports form-based remote configuration and administration of DeleGate via HTTPS. With this interface, an authorized administrator can edit configuration(s) of DeleGate server(s), start and stop servers, issue digital certificates, and so on.


Project Spotlight


A static analysis automation framework.


Project Spotlight


A CalDAV Web client.