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defragmenter is a braindead filesystem agnostic defrag script that rewrites files. Running it in a directory causes all files and subdirectories to be reordered. It will only affect one partition and works best when run twice.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Jan 2012 01:10

    Release Notes: The author just noticed that e4defrag exists in the latest e2fsprogs. This script is still useful with it on ext4, since e4defrag does not check whether files are open when it defragments things. defragmenter has been modified to work with e4defrag when it is available and when it works on the current filesystem. If it is not available or does not work on the current filesystem, it will fall back to the old tried and true copy and mv method which has been used prior to this. This release also adds new error messages, cleans up old ones, and clarifies some exit messages.

    •  17 Dec 2011 08:47

      Release Notes: This release added a list of the files which are fragmented. Better error messages are shown if you accidentally run the script with files already exist in the current directory that the script wants to use as temporary files.

      •  14 Sep 2010 03:35

        Release Notes: A problem with the sort by fragmentation switch was fixed.

        •  29 Jul 2010 03:53

          Release Notes: This release removes the original sorting method, which descended into all mounted filesystems and attempted to defragment the top level directory. The 'dumb' sorting method is now the default and the options for the script have changed. In addition, if run without the -d or --defrag switch, the script will now only check for fragmentation on the current filesystem.


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