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DeforaOS asm is a modular assembler and disassember framework with support for many architectures (including IA-32, amd64, sparc, and arm), bytecodes (such as Java and Dalvik), and file formats (like ELF, PE, and Dex).

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  •  29 Sep 2011 05:36

    Release Notes: The maximum number of operands per instruction was raised to five (and is easier to tweak). Architecture plug-ins can now be (de)initialized. Deassembly can now apply to the whole file or only to actual code. Some problems when deassembling from strings on the command line were fixed. Deassembly is more accurate for the x86, amd64, sparc, and sparc64 architectures, as well as the ELF and PE file formats. The disassembly output was improved.


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