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DECnet for Linux

The DECnet for Linux project aims to provide the kernel-level socket layer and a set of applications to allow Linux systems to participate in a DECnet phase IV network. It currently has an application library (suitable for building DECnet functionality into X11R6), file and terminal access.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Nov 2002 17:10

    Release Notes: Since 2.20 and 2.21, only minor bugfixes were made. Since 2.19, some annoying segfaults in FAL were also fixed.

    •  23 Jul 2002 08:22

      Release Notes: This release contains quite a few fixes and some nice feature enhancements. The longstanding ctermd ^X/DEL bug was fixed, some block transfer fixes were made to FAL, along with a security fix to dnetd. New features include a "virtual root" option in FAL to restrict which parts of the filesystem to serve, some basic support for remote RSX systems, and a timeout switch for dnping so that it can be used in scripts.

      •  11 Nov 2001 15:55

        Release Notes: This release is just a minor update. The tools now use the expected username for proxies when run under "su" or "sudo". A stupid "error: success" message has been fixed. A couple of portability issues have been addressed for those building on more obscure platforms.

        •  17 Oct 2001 10:30

          Release Notes: Some fairly major bugs in FAL have been fixed, particularly to do with file corruption and crashes. A couple of small new features have been added (stats to dncopy and variable argument lists to librms).

          •  08 Aug 2001 15:09

            Release Notes: The use of the __GLIBC__ macro was fixed. Binary keys are now allowed in librms. A debugging printf was removed from the dnet_conn function. makedepend is no longer used for dependencies. The symlinks for the dn_accept man page were fixed. Minor source code fixes were made to allow clean compilation with GCC 3.0. A crash which occurred in libdap if the first byte of a message was the last byte of a packet has been fixed. Man page symlinks were added for dnet_accet/dnet_reject and dnet_endnode/dnet_nextnode. FAL now correctly uses metadata for block-structured files. The Debian distribution was split into 4 packages.

            Recent comments

            23 May 1999 11:35 linuxci

            DECnet discussed at UK Linux Conference
            A discussion of DECnet will be at the UKUUG Linux Conference. For moire details see: (


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