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Debrief is an Open Source Java application used to analyze ship and submarine tracks in 2 and 3 dimensions. The analyst is presented with calculated performance data during "runs" of the vessel tracks, and is able to annotate the diagram before exporting it in WMF format.

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Recent releases

  •  08 Jan 2005 09:00

    Release Notes: The y-scale origin is now displayed in bold on time-variable plots. A stacked-dots plot is now provided to assist in plot-locking (track dragging). The user can now load a default set of layers. 4-figure dates and multi-word track titles are now allowed in the REP file format. A grid with a user-specified origin, arc annotation with fill and plot-spokes options, and a new software installer were added.

    •  13 Aug 2003 16:30

      Release Notes: New features include an Overview Plot, 3d bathymetric data, the ability to export plots to WMF, multi-line annotations, and tooltips.

      •  16 Jul 2002 09:07

        Release Notes: This version adds a new worldwide gridded depth database, greatly improved 3-plotting (including realistic models of ships, submarines, helicopters, and aircraft), and track-shifting (typically used to synchronize submarine tracks). Many bugfixes have also been made.

        •  27 Mar 2002 18:18

          Release Notes: A new ability to scroll back and forth through your exercise using the mouse-wheel, together with zooming in and out using the CTRL button.

          •  03 Nov 2001 07:56

            Release Notes: Debrief 2001 adds the following major new features: Vectored chart & bathymetry data, Plotting sensor data, Managing narrative data, and Record to video.

            Recent comments

            16 May 2001 08:44 IanMayo

            Debrief progress continues
            We're now up to Version 1.10 (Built 9th May 01).

            There have been a number of minor bug-fix releases over the last couple of months. The larger fixes have been suspended to be swept up into this summer's "monster" block of work (40 days funded) between June and August.

            So, if you have any further bug reports, feature requests or general queries be sure to register them in the next coupld of weeks at


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