Version 4.1 of Deadman's Redirect

Release Notes: DMR history is now searchable "dmr whatever" (one argument), listviews command/Views button allows you to change/edit/delete views, !! and !$ work again and are entered correctly in history, added irc:// as a known service (for chatzilla), added killview command (see help), removed built-in alias, notes, history views.

Other releases

  •  14 Jan 2004 17:10

Release Notes: The RSS fetching library was changed in order to continue working with future versions of PHP.

  •  03 Sep 2003 12:00

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  27 Jan 2003 13:44

Release Notes: This release has minor bugfixes.

  •  27 Dec 2002 10:27

Release Notes: Changes include speedups, bugfixes, gzipped content to browsers that support it.

  •  05 Oct 2002 20:12

Release Notes: A security bug was fixed.


Project Spotlight


An interpreter for the PostScript (TM) language.


Project Spotlight

The Meson Build System

A next-generation build system.