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  •  02 Mar 2011 10:17

Release Notes: Handling of Ctrl-C was improved. Minor cleanups related to closing files were done.

  •  26 Feb 2011 00:18

Release Notes: This is a major cleanup to remove code duplication. The -H option was removed and replaced with -h. In addition, --devnull was changed to either --no-data or -n. You can also force a specific checksum to use when in check mode, which is useful when you are checking hashes provided by OpenSSL.

  •  23 Feb 2011 16:16

Release Notes: A check mode and the ability to compute multiple hashes in one pass were added.

  •  17 Feb 2011 06:13

Release Notes: "-" is now allowed as the output file. A list of algorithms is shown if possible (Python 2.7). "--devnull" was added as an option to not output the data and instead just print the hash.

  •  16 Feb 2011 22:40

Release Notes: This release adds support for versions of Python without hashlib. There is improved error output.


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