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  •  04 Feb 2007 20:28

Release Notes: Over 100 fixes.

  •  17 May 2006 06:08

Release Notes: Sputnik Agent was added. A count of active IP connections can be shown. Chilispot GUI fixes were made. Live RSSI/NOISE and SNR statistics are available. Memory consumption was reduced. Official Buffalo WHR G54s and WHR HP G54 support was added. ACK Timing setting support was added. HTTP performance was improved. A new UPNP configuration window was added. IE7 and Safari are supported. The help pages were improved. HTTP username support was added (default is "root"). The site survey was enhanced. A new Ethernet driver was added. Saving of settings was improved.

Release Notes: This release will show a count of active IP connections. Values are shown as bars. Chilispot GUI fixes. Sputnik Agent in std, voip, and vpn builds.

Release Notes: The currently supported and tested router hardware versions are Linksys WRT54G 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.2, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, (and 5.0 only with the JTAG CFE Change); Linksys WRT54GL 1.0, and 1; Linksys WRT54GS 1.0, 1, 1.2.0, 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0; Allnet ALL0277; Buffalo WHR-G54S; Buffalo WHR-HP-G54S; ASUS WL500G-Deluxe; Motorola WR850G; Siemens Gigaset SE505; Ravo W54-RT; and Askey RT210W.

  •  05 May 2006 03:39

Release Notes: Two bugs were fixed in HTML headers of the Web interface. A problem with the Status page in Opera was fixed. The DHCP Client table with DNSMasq is empty. The DMZ LED doesn't work on WRT54G v.1.1 with all v23b2 builds, and the WRT54G 1.1 RESET button does not work. The firmware now supports GSv4 firmwares for backflashing to Linksys.


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