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  •  21 Dec 2003 06:20

Release Notes: An IP address can now be obtained from a network interface, even with a dynamic IP. Some annoying debug messages were removed. A bug in the keyboard management was fixed. A compilation problem that occurred when OpenSSL is not installed was fixed. Support for the wonderful XML hublist from was added. An end-of-transfer timestamp was added. In the GUI, hub user support was fully rewritten. The display speed of (long) lists was improved. Miscellaneous bittorrent support problems were fixed. User profiles can be deleted.

  •  12 Jul 2003 02:40

Release Notes: Downloads are now automatically handled by one client instead of spreading them among the running clients. A problem with incorrectly handling trailing corrupted segments was fixed, and users with a slash in their nicknames are handled properly. Numerous bugs with profile management in the GUI were fixed, along with a display problem on GDL with GTK+ newer than 2.2.0, and some random crashes.

  •  09 Mar 2003 03:04

Release Notes: The connection is now kept alive to avoid hub deconnection. Support of e-donkey 2000 CRC was added to provide corrupted file detection and reparation. A compilation problem with glib2 was fixed. In the GUI, the Dutch translation is back. A crash occuring in the cached user share list was fixed, and the capability to use the ed2k:// links and create GDL from them was added.

  •  14 Apr 2002 05:39

Release Notes: In this version, UADDR now uses BerkeleyDB, "normal" download function is replaced by a wrapper to GDL functions. Speed computation is more accurate. DCTC can wake up waiting tasks when a user having a "searched" nickname comes into the hub or has a free download slot. A man page was added, along with a command to find out which hub a user is on, and a virtual share.

  •  07 Apr 2002 06:07

Release Notes: In this release, the BerkeleyDB detection was improved. The transfer key of broken clients can now be accepted. When a transfer with an user ends, other waiting transfers with him are now woken up. Minor bugs were fixed in download and search. It is now possible to link DCTCs of different computers to allow them to share the user IP address database (UADDR) and to perform searches on hub where you are not directly connected to. With the GUI, users can now be flagged from GDL list, the seen hub list is saved faster on leaving, each GDL has a time to complete its task, and the user share list is displayed as a tree and is now buffered to improve display speed.

  •  09 Feb 2002 12:24

Release Notes: SOCKS Proxy (v4) is now supported. GDL autoscan now uses the link between DCTC clients. Search queries no longer return your own shared files. It is now possible to retrieve the shared file list of a "not connected on the same hub" user if its address is known. When attaching a GDL to a client, autoscans now restart.

  •  03 Feb 2002 04:16

Release Notes: In this release, the temp directory is deleted on GDL destruction, the GDL download source no longer stays in 'try' mode for long periods of time, and direct download is now used. Running DCTC clients can now cooperate to perform some tasks like searching and downloading. A Dutch translation of some install files is also included.

  •  20 Jan 2002 02:02

Release Notes: DCTC now has the capability to start file download without being connected to a hub. SERVER status and the 'pong' command have been added.

  •  30 Dec 2001 06:23

Release Notes: Some commands are now cached to speed up replies. Many bugs have been fixed in the search function (handling queries and replies). Major changes were added to the client-to-client transfer function. A port creation bug has been fixed. An alpha version of a new feature, segmented download, has been added.

  •  30 Sep 2001 06:03

Release Notes: When multiple DCTC runs (on different hubs), queued transfers can now go from one hub to another, if the user the owns the file you're downloading has gone to another hub. Numerous bugs have also been fixed: DC clients can now browse a shared file list, DCTC no longer hangs when trying to establish connection with a hub, search query from client in active mode is now supported, and the dc_gui/DCTC freezing problem while browsing heavily loaded hub should be fixed.


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