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25 Jun 2003 00:11 youshi10

Also, thanks for fixing that problem in dchub. Keep up the hard work, and I will try and contribute all I can to help!

25 Jun 2003 00:10 youshi10

Multi-hub Fusion and bots?
I was just wondering if anyone had setup a multi-hub fusion with multiple bots for any sort of events like checking for files from users, etc, since I am trying to determine if I have multiple security bots setup on different hubs (1 per hub of course), would the users be checked upon entering the hub fusion by all bots or upon entering the specific hub that they were originally logged into? So if they tried to login to, and it was in a multi-hub fusion with, would the bot in check and then the one in check, or would it just be the one in Also, if the user was not registered in one hub, and they entered the multi-hub fusion, would the user be rejected?
Overall, I think that I am just somewhat confused on the interaction of the hubs most likely and what data they trade back and forth in terms of userlists, and how they delegate which hub has what responsibilities in terms of requests from users, etc.
Thanks again.

18 Apr 2003 19:35 youshi10

Re: ban mask ip

> what im must write and where to ban mask
> ip

What you just need to do is add a line to the .ipmask file with just "62.87", since it's doing a substring check of the IPs obtained. Then make a reverse boolean logic statement in the "" script, located in the script dir under your dchub dir under the IP filtering section to enable IPs other that the ones given in the file to be referenced. Then, you must restart the hub using the Perl interpreter, referencing "" as your startup Perl script.
Good luck,

17 Apr 2003 21:18 youshi10

Error with DCHub 0.41
Well, apparently I found an error with DCHub 0.41. We just upgraded from 0.22 to 0.41 (since 0.40 kept on crashing the server), and I noticed that the amount of "ghost users" increased dramatically. I kicked several users via the regular kick command in the UI of DC++, but several people complained, and then I tried to kick one of these "ghost users" via Hub-Security using -skick. The funny thing is that it completely terminated the DCHub program (I am assuming due to some uncaught exception).
So here's a fix that I propose: since I noticed that the users logging on had the same IP and share size, I believe that the hub should check the incoming IP, do a substring check of the any username with the same IP. Then see if any similar names are on, kick the ghost user, tell the client to relog, and wham! done.
Thanks a lot for your time.

17 Mar 2003 20:58 aptekarz

ban mask ip
what im must write and where to ban mask ip


15 Mar 2003 17:02 shockmeinbed

dchub 0.4.0
Lo again,
I have the following issues with 0.4.0:

- does not compile: a compile error is generated at hub_cmd.c line 1558, solved by adding brackets "{}" around the code that uses variables "str" and "preason";
- MOTD implementation is broken: in mmap_tools.c line 61 and 126 should read "if(fstat(fd,&st)!=0)" or "if(fstat(fd,&st)==-1)" instead of "if(fstat(fd,&st)!=-1)".This bug affects all code that uses the "map_file" function(it seems that only the MOTD code uses it).
- dchub crashes (segfault) when run as normal user for the first time, i suppose when trying to bind 411.
- dchub crashes (segfault) when receives SIGTERM or SIGINT (maybe all signals).
- dchub crashes when too many users connect to the hub in a short period (at about 300 users of 500).

The machine in question is FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p6, gcc is 2.95.4.The compile error might not appear with gcc 3.x (I haven't tested).

If other could test and post results I'd appreciate it...


17 Jan 2003 21:52 XFiless

Re: Link Hub...
old message , 1 hub 0.2.5 , 2 hub 0.2.5

how time :
2 hubs O/S Linux Slackware 8.1 servers ..
2 hubs DCHUB Version 0.2.5

I whant link 2 hubs..

1 & 2 hub)
-setfusionuser TEST
-setfusionpass TEST22
1 hub)
-setfusion 411

interhub_cnx RCV
init strucure for new hub
1 will be used
fin interhub_cnx
a new HUB in QUEUE fd :12

cnxover3: <> 0 0 124/103:0/0

and ... ??? i understand no link ... no userlist ...

16 Jan 2003 09:21 uriel80

Re: Link Hub...
dchub don't use to crash once the fusion is done.
If you have some programming skills, create a core dump and, backtrace it and send me the error
uriel at adess dot dyndns dot com.

15 Jan 2003 16:18 XFiless

Link Hub...
Version 0.2.5

I whant link 2 hubs..

1 &amp; 2 hub)
-fusionuser TEST
-fusionpass TEST22
1 hub)
-fusion 411
Hub link :) all ok .. but .. 1 min 1hub is crash,
Why ?
Please fix this :) and send me patch .


11 Jan 2003 04:43 uriel80

Re: telnet dchub
look at youre older post
by gabios - Jan 6th 2003 23:46:44


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