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dchub is a Direct Connect hub clone. It resembles an IRC server with some extra features dedicated to file sharing.


Recent releases

  •  28 Nov 2003 18:44

    Release Notes: Some commands were moved into plugins. Duplicate rule emission in the log has been fixed. ClientBot has been updated to use the new commands. A message flood control bug has been fixed.

    •  26 Oct 2003 12:52

      Release Notes: Configuration files are in XML. Perl problems were fixed. The hub does not hang when kicking users from a script. Passwords are crypted. The account privilege system was totally revisited. Numerous incorrect type conversions were fixed. A crash which occurred when the -f flag was used without a parameter was fixed.

      •  04 Oct 2003 09:08

        Release Notes: This release supports both libgcrypt and OpenSSL. Many commands are now cluster compatible (*kick, *ban). Ban by IP was included, and a bug that allowed users without nicknames to enter the hub waas fixed. New events were added for ban, kick, and hubinit. ClientBot now handles new clients and manages some of the '#' commands (making them cluster compatible).

        •  21 Jul 2003 15:14

          Release Notes: The cluster port can now be changed. Bugs in log file rotation and the *banip functions were fixed. A timeout on dying connections was added. A compilation problem on Alpha was fixed. Some debug messages were removed. The crash occuring in -pbanip was fixed. The bug that sometimes prevented a user with an unpriviliged password-protected account from reconnecting was fixed. The German documentation was updated.

          •  17 May 2003 14:24

            Release Notes: *kick commands have been partially rewritten. A duplicated multichat message problem has been fixed. The Perl handler has been rewritten. ClientBot has been greatly improved. The -hpstat command has been repaired. Duplicated hello/quit messages on the cluster have been removed.

            Recent comments

            25 Jun 2003 00:11 youshi10

            Also, thanks for fixing that problem in dchub. Keep up the hard work, and I will try and contribute all I can to help!

            25 Jun 2003 00:10 youshi10

            Multi-hub Fusion and bots?
            I was just wondering if anyone had setup a multi-hub fusion with multiple bots for any sort of events like checking for files from users, etc, since I am trying to determine if I have multiple security bots setup on different hubs (1 per hub of course), would the users be checked upon entering the hub fusion by all bots or upon entering the specific hub that they were originally logged into? So if they tried to login to, and it was in a multi-hub fusion with, would the bot in check and then the one in check, or would it just be the one in Also, if the user was not registered in one hub, and they entered the multi-hub fusion, would the user be rejected?
            Overall, I think that I am just somewhat confused on the interaction of the hubs most likely and what data they trade back and forth in terms of userlists, and how they delegate which hub has what responsibilities in terms of requests from users, etc.
            Thanks again.

            18 Apr 2003 19:35 youshi10

            Re: ban mask ip

            > what im must write and where to ban mask
            > ip
            > PLEASE HELP

            What you just need to do is add a line to the .ipmask file with just "62.87", since it's doing a substring check of the IPs obtained. Then make a reverse boolean logic statement in the "" script, located in the script dir under your dchub dir under the IP filtering section to enable IPs other that the ones given in the file to be referenced. Then, you must restart the hub using the Perl interpreter, referencing "" as your startup Perl script.
            Good luck,

            17 Apr 2003 21:18 youshi10

            Error with DCHub 0.41
            Well, apparently I found an error with DCHub 0.41. We just upgraded from 0.22 to 0.41 (since 0.40 kept on crashing the server), and I noticed that the amount of "ghost users" increased dramatically. I kicked several users via the regular kick command in the UI of DC++, but several people complained, and then I tried to kick one of these "ghost users" via Hub-Security using -skick. The funny thing is that it completely terminated the DCHub program (I am assuming due to some uncaught exception).
            So here's a fix that I propose: since I noticed that the users logging on had the same IP and share size, I believe that the hub should check the incoming IP, do a substring check of the any username with the same IP. Then see if any similar names are on, kick the ghost user, tell the client to relog, and wham! done.
            Thanks a lot for your time.

            17 Mar 2003 20:58 aptekarz

            ban mask ip
            what im must write and where to ban mask ip

            PLEASE HELP


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