Version 1.6.4 of DbWrench

Release Notes: New items in this release include SSL support, updated Help Contents, a zoom toolbar, and menus for database and diagram items. The new menus allow hotkeys to be associated with very common items such as adding tables, columns, and foreign keys. This should make these very common actions quicker to perform.

Other releases

  •  31 Mar 2014 20:24

Release Notes: This version of DbWrench focused on three major items. First was to improve the auto layout of tables on diagrams. Second was added support for some of the more advanced features related to indexes. Third was adding automatic sequence creation for PostgreSQL tables that contained an auto number column.

  •  10 Oct 2013 06:43

    Release Notes: The focus of this major release was the entity relation diagramming features. New features include a new right line based foreign key link rendering, and link lines that can be moved and placed by users in addition to automatic positioning. Rendering of database table glyphs was improved.

    •  06 Dec 2012 13:48

    Release Notes: This release focused on reducing the application memory footprint, in particular regarding the design diagrams. Also, rendering performance and responsiveness of diagrams was improved. Other bugs were addressed too.

    •  22 Aug 2012 23:44

      Release Notes: This release focuses on improvements and enhancements to the diagramming and forward engineer features. In particular, several refinements to the Click Actions feature have been implemented. A query builder feature was scheduled for this release but was not completely ready by the release date, and will be available in the next release. As usual, there are several other enhancements and bugfixes.

      •  08 May 2012 08:39

      Release Notes: Diagram click actions have been implemented. These allow database tables, columns, notes, etc. to be edited directly from the diagram. Support for unique constraints has been added. The formatting of generated DDL SQL scripts and tree structure have been streamlined. There were also other enhancements and resolutions for several key bugs.


      Project Spotlight


      A search engine with a RESTFul API and crawlers.


      Project Spotlight


      A small scientific/numerical computation library.