Version 5.0 of DbVisualizer

Release Notes: This version adds support for SQL Server 2005, Sybase 15, and explain plan for Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server. A universal binary installer was provided for Mac OS X on Intel along with a PL/SQL editor and compiler for Oracle and full key binding support with pre-defined key maps.

Other releases

  •  12 Sep 2013 14:06

Release Notes: The ability to locate SQL script errors was added. Java 7 is now supported on Mac OS X,. Database type is now auto-detected. Native explain plan support was provided for PostgreSQL. The on-line documentation is now organized after how you work, not how DbVisualizer is structured. Version control and upgrading is done from inside DbVisualizer - you request trial licenses, get prompted when new versions are available, and are notified when your license is about to run out.

  •  03 Dec 2012 22:08

Release Notes: This release has a revised user interface with a cleaner design and a more flexible and productive way of working, as well as more room to work. It is easier to work with multiple database objects. Customized layouts are saved between sessions. Compare editors and grids, a new look and feel, minimized risk of lost edits, minimized problems with slow or dropped connections, and much more.

Release Notes: This release added support for the popular SQLite and H2 databases, integrated SSH tunneling, a new SQL editor with extended style configuration and database specific keyword support, enhanced chart support with pre-defined color schemes and easy setup, and the ability to export results in Excel 2007 and column formats.

  •  29 Jun 2010 12:31

Release Notes: Opening a .sql file in the finder now opens it in a new editor in DbVisualizer. Support for Informix 11.5 was added. IDENTITY, ENUM, and SET columns are now supported in create/alter table. Automatic upgrade of bundled JDBC drivers was implemented. A new PDF viewer was included. Support for configuring grid colors was added. Copy and paste and drag and drop of binary/BLOB data is now supported. A new “Find Column” feature was added. Sorting was improved.

Release Notes: The old bookmark management was redesigned into new features for SQL History, Bookmark, and Monitor scripts. A feature for Favorite Object and Files management was added. Command line support for executing SQLs was added. An Export Table feature was added. BLOB/CLOB data can now be exported and imported. GUI support for execution of procedures was added. A feature for calculating aggregation data was added. An option to create a new table based on imported data was added.


Project Spotlight


Provides a generic CDS (or ARINC 661 Server) conforming to the ARINC 661 standard.


Project Spotlight

Teddy Templating Engine

An easy-to-read, HTML-based, mostly logic-less DOM templating engine.