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15 Oct 2010 08:46 tarvin

Solid and very useful database tool.

19 Jul 2005 10:04 whitemice

Simply the best generic RDBMS client
After 10+ years of working with RDBMSs from Informix to MySQL and PostgreSQL, and using clients including IBM's very expensive ServerStudio.... DbVisualizar is simply the best. Very few bugs, runs fast, has all the required features plus a few. There isn't much you can to do a database that you can't do with this application, a definite must-have for anyone who spends many hours mucking about inside databases.

19 Apr 2002 14:02 kwerle

Very usefule tool
Lets you view tables, data, & etc. Lets you execute arbitrary SQL. I just wish it was 'source-available' - there are a few gui changes I'd make to it...


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