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  •  07 Dec 2002 14:05

Release Notes: Some bugs in the PHP driver were fixed. A new beta server was released.

  •  21 Dec 2001 13:26

Release Notes: The protocol implementation has been rewritten, and now works with PHP 4.1.0. A hash retrieve function (dbtcp_fetch_assoc) has been added.

  •  11 May 2001 06:09

Release Notes: Added '--escape-chars' option to the client. If no 'access.cfg' file found grant access to anyone.

  •  04 May 2001 07:47

Release Notes: The fetch function changed and some documentation added for the dbtcp library.


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Tools to access to a server's filespace and printers via SMB.


Project Spotlight

SIREMIS Web Management Interface

A Web management interface for Kamailio (OpenSER).