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Version 0.1.9 of dbtcp

Release Notes: PHP4 support and fixes for some memory-related bugs.

Other releases

  •  14 Jul 2004 12:49

Release Notes: Some fixes have been applied to the makefile (from the Debian package). A bug in error message handling has been fixed. The PHP client can now be built with phpize.

  •  07 Dec 2002 14:05

Release Notes: Some bugs in the PHP driver were fixed. A new beta server was released.

  •  29 Oct 2002 04:54

Release Notes: A '--sepator' option was added to the command line client, along with support for ZTS in the PHP driver.

  •  03 Jul 2002 13:06

Release Notes: Support for FreeBSD and Solaris.

  •  26 Apr 2002 07:11

Release Notes: This version fixes a bug with quoted strings, and adds a Python and Zope driver.


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