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  •  26 Aug 2004 03:25

Release Notes: This version fixed the long-standing Return-Path problem. Messages sent to external forwards will now have the original Return-Path (as reported by the MTA) as the Return-Path, which makes things like bounces work a lot better.

  •  26 Aug 2004 03:24

Release Notes: dbmail-maintenance was renamed to dbmail-util to reflect the fact that it is no longer only used for the maintenance of DBMail databases, and dbmail-adduser was renamed to dbmail-users because it now does more than only adding users. Both dbmail-util and dbmail-users now use getopt() to get their command line parameters. This means that some parameters have changed. The manual pages were also updated.

  •  11 Jun 2004 13:14

Release Notes: A new column has been added to the messageblks table, is_header, though code for it is not likely to be added until a later 2.0 point release. Several new indices have greatly improved performance for message delivery and index retrieval. Reading messages from a socket or stdin now have a conversion function to sanitize and standardize line endings. The POP3 AUTH command returns more sane answers to unsupported password methods. libtool is used to build the internal convenience libraries. Daemons are now installed in $prefix/sbin by default. There are many more small fixes and cleanups.

  •  04 May 2004 20:37

Release Notes: dbmail-smtp and dbmail-lmtpd no longer return TEMP_FAIL when a message cannot be delivered locally but can be forwarded. The POP3 server no longer crashes when a client issues a PASS command before a USER command. Some possible memory leaks were fixed.

  •  05 Mar 2004 10:33

Release Notes: Both dbmail-smtp and dbmail-lmtp return more useful exit codes and messages to the MTA. Aliases are now case-insensitive, so INFO@IC-S.NL is equivalent to, as it should be. Errors in printf()-style formatting used by trace() were eliminated after adding a gcc hint to check for them. Messages larger than 512KB are properly received; this bug only affected 2.0rc2. The database definitions specify several more useful indices. Many small bugs have been fixed.

  •  15 Feb 2004 12:16

Release Notes: This release fixes an error in the PostgreSQL handling code.

  •  06 Feb 2004 11:54

Release Notes: A segfault bug under Linux was fixed. The calling options for 'sendmail' (for bounces and forwards) are now compatible with Sendmail proper, as well as Postfix, Exim, etc. Proper SQL migration scripts for MySQL and PostgreSQL, including creating the proper internal account for the new delivery chain, have replaced the Python scripts.

Release Notes: The IMAP daemon is significantly faster due to improvements in mailbox_t rebuilding. The delivery chain is much more robust due to completely rewritten message handling. Stubs for sorting messages with Sieve scripts were added. Shared mailboxes are now supported by the implementation of RFC 2086 (ACL) and RFC 2342 (Namespace). The MySQL driver now supports automatic reconnection to the database. Many bugs were fixed, and memory leaks were sealed.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  29 Jan 2004 06:32

Release Notes: This release fixes the message timestamp, which was occasionally incorrect when it fell in the last week of a year. The handling of the IMAP NOOP command was fixed, which had caused some clients to not receive mailbox updates.


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