Version 0.0.1 of dBASE converter

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Release Notes: Data in CSV output is now only surrounded by the enclosure character if the data contains the separator character. The output of numbers in SQL output was fixed (sometimes a 'NULL' preceeded the number). A memory leak in sql.c was fixed. Exporting to dbase is now possible. New --quiet, --start-record, --num-records, --nocreate, --tablename, and --empty-str-is-null options were added. A --usecopy option that uses COPY instead of INSERT statement in SQL output was added. - libdbf is now used for dBASE file access. Speed was improved.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  16 Apr 2004 11:35

Release Notes: This release fixes a segmentation fault when no export_filename is given.

  •  12 Apr 2004 15:11

Release Notes: This release fixes the handling of deleted record sets in dBASE files.

  •  20 Nov 2003 06:06

Release Notes: This version contains improvements in the CSV conversion, and a minor update in the file handling.


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