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DB Browser

DBBrowser is a program that can be used to run queries and view the structure of databases. It was designed to work with as many RDBMS systems as possible using JDBC. It uses a plugin API and can connect to any system for which a JDBC driver exists.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jan 2007 19:26

    Release Notes: This release adds syntax highlighting for SQL and beanshell scripts. It adds a quick-sum feature for the number selected in the result set. It adds the ability to select an entire column by clicking on the header. A change has been made to the importer wizard so that a column is not skipped if a column is matched up by header name and table column name. A command line option (-s) has been added that will run a bean shell script before DBBrowser is initialized.

    •  20 Feb 2006 19:33

      Release Notes: This release adds support for scripting using BeanShell. Scripts can be created that have full access to the database connection. There are UI changes to improve the UI, as well as to add support for the new scripting feature. There are bugfixes in various places, including the data import tool.

      •  14 Nov 2005 21:43

        Release Notes: Fixes a bug in the statement history dialog where the close button did not close the dialog. More bugfixes in the import tool. It seems to be stable now, but could still use a good bit of real-world testing. Support has been added for exporting query results into Microsoft Excel format, thanks to use of the poi library.

        •  06 May 2005 08:47

          Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where an error was thrown when loading a connection's settings that had a parameter with no value.

          •  05 May 2005 13:17

            Release Notes: SSL is now supported when making connections to PostgreSQL databases. Support for Microsoft SQL Server versions 6.5 and 7 was added. Because of this, DBBrowser now supports all versions after 6.5. The import tool was changed to use the ostermillerutils.jar library for parsing CSV files. Minor bugfixes were made.


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