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Dbblast (Dust bunny blaster) is a utility that automatically removes dust spots or "bunnies" from JPEG images taken with digital SLRs. It can be run manually or in batch mode from either a GUI or from the command line. It supports user configurable blasting threshholds and JPEG image save quality, and coversion from JPEG to PNG and vice versa. Dbblast also removes hot pixels. All EXIF data is kept in the output JPEG images.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Jan 2008 23:31

    Release Notes: A compiler error in exif.cpp, caused by a change in the exiv2 library, was fixed. A bug was fixed where the "Save changes" nag window was displayed when closing a reference file, even if no changes had been made. README-WIN-SRC.txt was updated.

    •  29 Sep 2007 08:53

      Release Notes: This release added support for manually blasting individual dust bunnies, conversion from JPG to PNG (and vice versa), updated the help documentation, and made other minor feature enhancements and bugfixes.

      •  22 May 2007 00:22

        Release Notes: This release supports user-specified output directory names. You can disable hotpixel processing via a checkbox or command line switch. There is a hotpixel processing only checkbox. The documentation has been updated. isHotPixel() has been fixed. exiv2 library exceptions are caught. The widget enable/disable code has been fixed. The button text and enable/disable code has been fixed. A Win32 bug where the Load reference dialog broke the modal state of the batchblast dialog has been fixed. The Output Directory dialog and the Help Path dialog have been fixed.

        •  20 Mar 2007 06:16

          Release Notes: Support for the .png (lossless) image file format was added along with hotpixel processing. A bug where the hotpixel list wasn't being cleared before it was written was fixed. A -p switch was added to the command line version for hotpixel only processing. The help documentation was updated.

          •  02 Jan 2007 04:04

            Release Notes: This release optimizes the for loops in the interpolation code. The drawing code has been changed so that only the rectangle containing the dust bunny is updated. This release automatically adds missing filename extensions from the FileSave dialogs. Settings override from the command line has been added. The way color range threshold is calculated has been changed to make the results linear. User-selectable colors have been added for the bunny marker circle. A bug has been fixed where dbblast didn't exit when no .dbr file was loaded when running from the command line.


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