Version 1.5 of dbacl

Release Notes: The email parser was improved and now decodes base 64 and quoted-printable attachments. Several new switches were added for controlling HTML removal and the RFC822 headers used. The code structure was reorganized into several directories, and the widespread duplication of ASCII/wide character handling functions in previous versions was addressed through a macro system. A new mailcross.testsuite command is now available for directly comparing the program with other mail classifiers such as ifile and bogofilter.

Other releases

  •  26 Mar 2006 02:13

Release Notes: This is a hodge-podge of fixes and improvements. A new hypex command, the TREC 2005 options files, and an essay on chess are now in the tarball. Several improvements to the parsing engine were made, including a new -e char option and bugfixes. Compilation problems on various architectures were fixed, and libslang2 support was added.

  •  02 Jul 2005 02:20

Release Notes: This release fixed some bugs, cleaned up the behaviour of the -w switch, changeed the "complexity" accounting algorithm, and improved the organization of the man page and tutorials.

  •  20 May 2005 04:16

Release Notes: This release includes various bugfixes and small usability improvements in the documentation and default switch handling. The major addition is support for the TREC spamjig and improved memory mapping for faster online learning.

  •  13 Nov 2004 00:27

Release Notes: This release added a new MAP confidence score (-U, to complement the -X switch), some new scoring types in mailinspect, and a new parsing switch for trace headers in email (-T email:theaders). Category learning now accepts directory names as well as file names, and preliminary work on a new header mining tool (hmine) was performed. Category files are now written in 'portable' format by default.

  •  29 Jul 2004 00:47

Release Notes: Many bugs were discovered and fixed. A test suite was added to prevent future regressions. It can be called using make check. Memory management was improved, giving a large speedup in classification speed, and a putative confidence score is now available via an -X switch. Some documentation changes were made.


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Project Spotlight


An interface library to access tags for identifying languages.