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DB_QueryTool is an object oriented abstraction for the SQL query language. It includes methods for limiting, ordering, grouping, and joining to easily build queries, and features a simple interface that interacts nicely with HTML forms using arrays that contain column data.


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  •  02 Jul 2003 03:42

Release Notes: A problem where log files were written with incorrect times was fixed. A bug in EasyJoin that added unnecessary conditions was fixed, along with one a problem with building a column alias at the end of a string. addMultiple() now works even when there isn't a primaryCol, and a bug in addHaving and the unit test was fixed.

  •  11 Mar 2003 02:56

Release Notes: A new getCol() method for retreiving a single column was added. The getAll() method now optionally takes an additional parameter for defining the method to use for firing the query. update() now considers the value of setWhere() when no primary column is given. An umbrello-uml class diagram was added, some typos and a bug in update was fixed, and fully qualified table names are now used. A bug in _buildSelectQuery was fixed, column names are enclosed by "", Oracle should work, and reserved keywords can be used as column names.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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