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Daylight Chart

Daylight Chart shows sunrise and sunset times in an attractive chart for any location in the world. The effect of daylight savings time is also displayed. Charts can be exported to image files.

Operating Systems

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  •  05 Mar 2014 13:57

    Release Notes: This release is bundled with updated reporting libraries.

    •  09 Sep 2012 18:10

      Release Notes: Bundled with updated reporting libraries.

      •  08 Jul 2010 08:56

      Release Notes: A new internal database for administration divisions provides more context when loading GNS country files. There is better support for older GNS and GNIS formats. Custom reports now need to be pre-compiled to *.jasper files, which allows the Daylight Chart to have a smaller download footprint.

      •  16 Feb 2009 02:19

      Release Notes: Support for reading Unicode US state files. A redesigned Web site with a new product logo.

      •  30 Dec 2008 07:18

      Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed, including problems in the Unix launcher shell script, duplicate files in the distribution zip file, and the format for high altitude locations.


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