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23 Jul 2012 13:57 hroptatyr

I uploaded dateutils-0.2.2fix1.tar.xz to the github downloads section. Builds with -pedantic compilers should go through now.

23 Jul 2012 12:51 hroptatyr

What I mean is the following construct:

static char foo[];
static char foo[] = "0123";

23 Jul 2012 12:49 hroptatyr

Yeah, sorry. I should have mentioned somewhere that I strictly need a C99 or C11 compiler. gcc's '-pedantic' is, well, pedantic and does not allow the a static array declaration with omitted bounds to decay to a pointer.

23 Jul 2012 07:36 philomath

OK, it's because of the '-pedantic' flag. thanks.

22 Jul 2012 08:28 philomath

How are the array declarations in /lib/date-core-strpf.h supposed to work?
I keep getting 'array size missing' errors.


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