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Data::Locations is a virtual file manager which allows you to write and read data (text and binary) to and from virtual files (think of bubbles). Moreover, this manager allows you to (recursively) define "magic" insertion points in these virtual files (bubbles inside other bubbles) which can be filled in (inflated) later (through a "straw", i.e., the object's reference), at any convenient time and in any order you like. Since this software acts purely in memory, there is no slowing down through costly file input/output (i.e., no temporary files).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Oct 2004 09:12

    Release Notes: This version fixed an offset problem in the test suite related to the fact that self-ties increment the refcount in some Perl versions and not in others. This value is now auto-adjusted. A warning was included in Makefile.PL to state that Perl versions between and including 5.6.1 and 5.7.0 are not fully supported.

    •  24 Oct 2004 19:30

      Release Notes: This version fixes the test script "02___refcount.t" for Perl versions 5.8.5 and higher. An offset varies from Perl version to Perl version depending on whether self-ties increment the refcount or not.

      •  06 May 1999 06:35

        Release Notes: Fixed a bug in method "read()" which prevented empty lines to be read back in list context (empty lines were mistaken for the end-of-file marker) and when an item in a location has the value "undef", the method "read()" now returns the empty string instead. You would have mistaken this for the end-of-file marker in previous versions.

        •  29 Apr 1999 16:52

          Release Notes: All global or "class" methods are gone, all locations are local variables now in the sense that they are automatically destroyed whenever your last reference of a location goes out of scope, all locations are dumped automatically now at shutdown time of this module if and only if a filename has been provided previously, the method "toplevel()" cannot be used to artificially set or reset the "toplevel" status of a location anymore and the code in general, the regression test suite and the documentation have been overhauled a great deal.

          •  26 Feb 1999 11:46

            Release Notes: Version 4.3 is mainly a bugfix release. The bug that caused statements like ``print $location "text";'' to fail in Perl 5.005 is now fixed. Moreover, little improvements of the code and a small regression test suite (for "make test") have been added. Locations continue to be global variables, though. Truly local locations are planned for version 5.0 (which is currently under development).

            Recent comments

            13 Oct 2004 03:21 stbey

            Similar module
            You also may want to have a look at a similar module called "String::Divert" ( written by Ralf S. Engelschall (

            03 May 1999 05:40 geoffbaskwill

            Using Data::Locations
            I have a web page that keeps track of problem reports, and provides a summary at the top. For me, this is a completely natural way to use Data::Locations, as printing out a summary before you get to the data is normally a bit of a pain. Now, I just say "oh, just hold that spot for me, I'll be back later" and when I have the summary information I stick it in there. Very simple, no fuss, no temporary files to worry about.


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