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Release Notes: Quick filtering of datastores was added. Reference data for countries is now provided. Minor UI improvements were made. Support was added for adding extension packages. A command line interface for executing jobs was added. Number formatting options were added in the "Convert to Number" transformer.

Release Notes: First-time ease of use was improved by disabling all buttons before source data is selected. When possible in a job, filters now have the ability to optimize the query of a job. This was implemented for the "Max rows", "Equals", and "Not null" filters. The visualization of execution flow now allows removing column items and filter outcome items, making the graph more comprehensible, especially for very large jobs. A bug was fixed when passing null values to the the email standardizer. "Mixed" tokens are properly presented in the the Pattern finder.

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and improvements were made. Filter outcomes were added to the flow visualization. A bug was fixed in the widget for selecting the tokenizer's tokens. The "Equals" filter can now have multiple values with which to compare. Some minor cosmetic improvements were made.

Release Notes: Memory use of the Value Distribution Profile was improved. It now does on-disk caching with the Berkeley db when necessary. The app is now a single JAR file that can be served through Java WebStart. The app automatically downloads regexes from the RegexSwap. A bug in matching number columns in dictionaries was fixed. A bug with invalid characters in XML formats was fixed. Suffix case is now ignored so that both .CSV and .csv files can be opened. The number of columns shown in the preview window is automatically restricted if there are too many to show on the screen.


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