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Databrid is a database browsing, retrieval, and manipulation tool for Oracle and MySQL Databases. Functionality includes SQL autocompletion, syntax and word highlighting, auto case adjustment, schema browsing, and the ability to save or update data in CSV files.

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Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2010 23:46

    Release Notes: Databrid is now multi-language, with support for English, German, Spanish, and French. Unfortunately, help pages are only available in English. SQL formatting. Caching of autocompletion data to speed up display times. Auto-login at startup saves having to open the same connection(s) each time. A command line tool for exporting data in a table as insert statements. Browser object type lists (i.e. tables, views, etc.) allow selection by typing the name in the list. A dramatic increase in speed of doing insert and updates in the File tab. Data can be saved as update statements.

    •  02 Apr 2009 23:52

      Release Notes: A connection (Oracle or MySQL) is now associated with an SQL editor or browser. An editor's or browser's connection can be change or shared with another connection (Oracle or MySQL). Aliases cannot be used to save typing. Type sw followed by shift-space and sw will be replaced by SELECT xx FROM yy WHERE zz. Aliases are defined in the preferences. More functions have been added to the browser tab views. Table and view data can now be edited.

      •  14 Feb 2008 00:51

        Release Notes: You can search files from within Databrid. The database connection can now be changed in a Databrid session. In Oracle, a PL/SQL function/procedure/package can be executed using the execute command. An open file in the Sql Editor can be renamed to Goto a line number within an Sql Editor. SQL syntax is now defined in external files. Users can copy and change these to suit their own purposes. There is a smaller memory footprint. Various memory leaks have been fixed. Rogue processes have been removed.

        •  25 Jul 2007 09:54

          Release Notes: Registration was removed, so the software is now free. Minor enhancements and bugfixes were done.

          •  22 Nov 2006 10:35

            Release Notes: Autocompletion of columns names and support for MySQL were added.


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