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The DashPC car multimedia system is a UI for automobile multimedia implemented in Linux. Its provides a comprehensive interface for MP3, DVD, and CD playback, a radio card interface, and GPS navigation. It features an easy-to-use interface and a modular design. Its functionality is configurable and the system is expandable with the use of plug-ins, which currently include plug-ins for controlling video4linux supported radio cards, viewing images, and running external commands.

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Release Notes: The code has been completely revamped. It has been upgraded to GTK 2, and theme support has been added.

Release Notes: Icon support for all function buttons.

Release Notes: the autoconf/automake scripts were completely reworked, and they now work. Several compile-time options were re-engineered. An "external" module to run external commands was added. An "image_viewer" module to display images was added. The "network checker" mechanism that never really worked was removed. Lots of documentation was added and/or updated.

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29 Apr 2003 06:26 louigi600

like mp3 playback but with no grafix environment
Then there is a project that is just for you :

have fun

15 Sep 2002 14:47 johannesrichter

uhm.. yea.. interesting homepage...?!?!?!


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