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  •  22 Jun 2009 21:23

    Release Notes: A new input model simplifies setup. Easy configuration for libraries and jar-based applications doesn't require defined entry points. Select File > Convert to convert Jar mode into advanced mode. User interface elements now support drag-and-drop. Class lists load when a project is opened. Tooltips have been added to all elements in the main user interface. Table columns are sortable when the user interface is run under Java 1.6. The new project wizard determines which jars to obfuscate in WAR files by skipping "well known" jar files. This release requires a 1.5 JVM or higher.

    Release Notes: DashO is now Runtime Intelligence Services enabled. Java applications can be instrumented within DashO to send messages to the Runtime Intelligence Portal. The <output> tag now supports compress, level, and filesonly attributes. Property references support operators to delete/replace text using Bash-like syntax. Report formatting has been improved. A verify error after control-flow obfuscation in methods longer than 16k has been fixed. An access error with final public methods in non-public base classes when running under Java 1.6 has been fixed. A NullPointerException with string encryption when merge="false" has been fixed.

    •  15 Oct 2008 20:34

    Release Notes: The New Project Wizard reads Hibernate's .hbm.xml files and Androids's AndroidManifest.xml to discover entry points. It also tags classes that extend as Midlet-like entry points. An ArayIndexOutOfBoundsException when writing optimized classes compiled with Java 1.6 has been fixed. Late load problem with inner classes with generic outer classes with two or more type parameters have been fixed. Eclipse plug-ins are no longer created with incorrect version numbers.

    Release Notes: Eclipse integration: you can create, edit, and execute project files from inside Eclipse. A new "merge" output option. merge="false" allows cross jar/directory obfuscation and pruning while retaining the original packaging of the input classes. Command lines now support short and long option names. Reports use standardized report headings and section breaks. When copying a non-class, file the original date/time of the source file is preserved. You can add and remove exclusions for a jar in the class path by right-clicking on it and selecting Add/Remove Exclusions. There are various bugfixes.

    Release Notes: A New Project Wizard was added in the File > New Project menu. You can have DashO's New Project Wizard create a project for your application. The Wizard can create projects for libraries, applications, or WAR files. WAR file obfuscation requires installing DashO's Ant tasks. DashO now excludes all packages that are defined in JDK 1.6. Various UI and engine bugs were fixed.

    Release Notes: New Ant tasks: <obfuscate>, <obfuscate-jar>, and <watermark> (requires Apache Ant 1.5 or newer). String Encryption improvements to thwart decompilation and reduce class sizes. A new Peep Hole optimizer. Entry points can now contain ** and * patterns using Ant-like semantics. There are various UI and engine bugfixes.

    •  30 Jun 2005 15:39

    Release Notes: Watermarking to embed a fingerprint into your program to track software pirates. A new execution mode called "Quick Jar" allows users to run DashO's obfuscation algorithms on a specific set of jars. A new GUI for Quick Jar that reduces the complexity of configuration. Quick Jar is new and does not affect DashO's regular modes of operation; all existing configurations will work unchanged. Support for JDK 5.


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