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  •  09 Nov 2011 16:18

Release Notes: This is a comparatively minor update to the stable 0.9.x series. It does not contain the many cool new features and big changes in the git repository, because they're not stable enough yet. Nontheless, it contains 272 commits over the previous release, mainly concerning sse optimization for several plugins (increasing processing speed), updated translations, more presets for plugins, and a lot of bugfixes. An update of the libraries libraw/rawspeed brings more supported cameras and more basecurves and clor matrices.

  •  27 Jul 2011 20:48

Release Notes: This release has a few bugfixes on top of release 0.9 (184 patches). Some items: new rawspeed, dcraw, and libraw; fixes for various segfaults and deadlocks; the pipeline is now more real HDR (no more gamut clipping in between); a fix for a nasty bug that could cause complete loss of history for an image; darktable-faster now plays nicely with darktablerc (non-gconf); many opencl improvements; updated translations; and the second part of the GSoC: customizable keyboard shortcuts.

  •  07 Dec 2010 14:43

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. Styles are fixed now. Overlong profile names are handled. Exr loading has been fixed. New white balance presets were added. The Albanian translation was updated.


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