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09 Nov 2009 10:14 thedavejones

Good grief and thank you. That's pretty sweet! I get artifacts when editing - blue/white noise while rendering and opposite colours when leaving fullscreen.
I'll have a look at backtracing it and producing a test file.

Thanks for the reply.


05 Nov 2009 15:17 hanatos

hey dave. sorry to come back to you so late.. the sf-forums or the mailing list would have been faster--

which version where you running, and did you try to develop an image (doubleclick or key e)?

also a backtrace to your crash would have been helpful, maybe along with a test file which causes the crash, for me to reproduce it.


25 Oct 2009 11:23 thedavejones

It looks lovely and loads images fast - but I have no tool interface, histogram has no display. I'm assuming it's my fault. Please would you help me?
BTW It crashes if there are other files in the import folder eg .rawstudio containing jpg's. But not when compiled in debug mode ...


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