Version 0.15 of DarkIce

Release Notes: This version was ported to OpenBSD and NetBSD, although real-time scheduling is not supported, since it is not implemented in OpenBSD or NetBSD. The ability to downsample from stereo to mono when encoding to Ogg Vorbis was added. Support for Jack inputs was added, enabling a lot of interesting usage, including support for Mac OS X. An option to turn off the automatic reconnect feature was added. IPv6 support was added.

Other releases

  •  17 Jul 2013 17:01

    Release Notes: This release adds Ogg/Opus support and fixes 'Ring Ruffer' issues, the wrong icecast2 password being reported, and a segmentation fault when creating a file with fileAddDate.

    •  10 May 2010 02:28

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in BufferedSink.cpp that lead to some buffers being written twice, causing corruption of the data stream (closes ticket #20). It implements sample rate conversion for all codecs using libsamplerate, and keeps the internal aflibConverter as a fallback. It has a fix for the ALSA driver (closes ticket #8).

    •  07 Nov 2009 01:24

    Release Notes: This release adds AAC HEv2 encoding support (the branch darkice-aacp has been merged) through libaacplus. The configure script recognizes Ogg Vorbis shared objects now, not just static libraries. There is a bugfix enabling JACK source compilation on Debian Lenny.

    •  07 Jul 2008 17:57

    Release Notes: This release adds a mount point option for Darwin Streaming Server. There are a number of JACK related changes, including a fix for some reliability issues when using a Jack source. Finding JACK libraries on Mac OS is easier, and the ability to specify the name of the JACK device created by darkice has been added.

    •  26 Apr 2007 05:40

    Release Notes: This release includes a fix to solve Shoutcast connection issues introduced in version 0.18. Other fixes include enabling compilation of the Serial ULAW feature on Mac OS X and using POSIX real-time scheduling when running as non-super-user, provided proper operating system permissions are given.


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