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DarkFire IRC Daemon

DarkFire IRCd is an efficient, modern, and flexible IRC server used primarily on the DarkFire IRC Network. Originally based on Dreamforge, it has numerous enhancements and a wider variety of features. It features an efficient server to server protocol, a wide variety of user and operator commands, and a flexible protocol.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Dec 2003 06:07

    Release Notes: The IRCd now uses the DarkFire Verification System to screen clients and require a human interaction (must be used with services). DVS has features such as auto- timeout, exemptions based on class, channel cache (to execute /joins after DVS status is removed), and more. It now also supports the Spanish language in numerics and recognizes many TLDs and IPs for the default language.

    •  18 Feb 2003 18:54

      Release Notes: This release includes various fixes and cleanups from 1.2.0 and earlier releases. A critical flaw in the /who code allowed users to compromise a disguised host if they knew enough of a user's address. A ban/except removal bug has been removed. Previously, (s)qlines were not checked on connect, which allowed clients to use banned nicks. Unregistered nicks can now join registered-only channels when services are down; however, they will not be able to talk (as if they were banned or moderated).

      •  06 Feb 2003 01:31

        Release Notes: This is an important release featuring major bugfixes and feature enhancements. It also features increased security, improved DCC protection, channel half-ops, channel exceptions (inverse bans), and new operator capabilities such as the ability to forcibly join a channel, to use /akill when services are down, and a new and more powerful mass-kill command. DarkFire IRCd also features numerous code enhancements that reduce bandwidth and processing time, such as channel-based joins and modularized code which takes advantage of similar functions.

        Recent comments

        15 Mar 2000 02:26 gonis

        Great IRCd
        This is really a good IRCd. Its a professional, and easy to use/compile iRCd with GREAT features.

        18 Dec 1999 11:05 xarquid

        Comments / Suggestions
        Hey guys! I Just wanted to let you know you're comments and suggestions and welcome. We also would like to hear bug reports so we can fix them as soon as possible. Please send bug reports to either or and we will fix them as soon as possible! Thanks for your continued support.


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