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Darkbot is a very fast and small IRC bot written in C. Originally created as an aid for help channels to answer repeated questions from its virtually unlimited database, it has became a very popular talking robot in a generic sense, being used all over IRC networks for different purposes and in 18 languages. Data can be added to it and managed dynamically online or edited in its database files offline. An extensive but easy-to-understand list of commands and features, including some channel operation functions and levels of protection, makes Darkbot a very flexible but somehow powerful and complex robot, with almost human conversations and reactions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Mar 2005 14:10

    Release Notes: An unneeded line in main.c that was used to "hide" warnings on Win32 was removed. randq was fixed. A warning that came up in permbans.c about mixing types when compiling on OS X was fixed. A number formatting error was fixed. The configure script now checks for clock_t. It also checks for snprintf, and uses a replacement if it's not found. The original configure script is now located in the scripts directory, and is called "Setup". Makefile.ams and were added for autoconf/automake.

    •  14 Mar 2005 23:58

      Release Notes: This release fixes randq, a possible crash scenario in do_random_stuff(), a bug that happened on BSD machines, and the Google function (Google changed some text that the bot was using to tell whether the search was successful). You can now use !GOOGLE for Google searches. A strcpy has been changed to strncpy.

      •  12 Apr 2004 23:47

        Release Notes: The Google function has been fixed. Google changed some text that the bot was using to tell if the search was successful. A bug that happened while make tried to cp the binary to the top-level distribution directory has been fixed. It now compiles the binary directly to the top level, and no longer needs to use "cp".

        •  28 Mar 2004 08:11

          Release Notes: This version features many bugfixes and a few new features.

          •  17 Aug 2003 15:42

            Release Notes: All of the language files, except Chinese and Latin, have been updated to compile without giving lbadtopic errors. The web.c file was also updated.


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