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  •  01 Dec 2002 17:28

Release Notes: Numerous compilation problems and a double free when GCC 3.x is used have been fixed.

Release Notes: MacOS X is now supported. A limit can now be put on the size of plain-text content filtered, which overcomes problems where sites label their ISO files as text. logrotate.d support was improved. gcc 3 support was improved. A problem with logged URLs getting an additional '/' appended when using Mozilla has been fixed. A number of typographical mistakes in the code and config files have been corrected.

Release Notes: This release adds content regular expression replacement, which can be used for popup removal. Foreign language support in the messages is added, and included are message and HTML template files for Spanish, Chinese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, and English. This version has a new clean URL cache feature which will increase speed dramatically in a classroom environment. Support for NetBSD has been added as well as improved logging and 3rd party plugins. Finally, the daemon startup time has been halved.

  •  19 Jun 2002 21:58

Release Notes: Numerous bugs have been fixed relating to HTTPS blocking, malformed URL handling, partial page display, -HUP, GCC 3 compilation, weighted phrase calculation, over-blocking, file extensions and more. An HTML template feature has been added which negates the need for a Web server or Perl script to display the Denied page. A number of other minor features have been added.

  •  15 Mar 2002 00:30

Release Notes: This release fixes many compilation issues on gcc 3, Solaris, OpenBSD and FreeBSD. It fixes an issue where banned IPs and users were unable to view the message saying they were banned because their web access was blocked, a bug where it reported the wrong phrases when a banned phrase combination was found, and recompiles statically linked binaries with updated zlib, which fixes a double free bug in zlib which DansGuardian uses which makes it theoretically possible for a web site to cause denial of service or even run arbitrary code.

  •  10 Mar 2002 18:47

Release Notes: A single long standing memory leak in the string handling code, a problem with URL matching not comparing the final character and so causing overblocking, and a problem with overblocking banned file extensions and certain URLs have been fixed. gcc 3 compatibility has been improved, and the use of more appropriate C++ libraries rather than C libraries has been increased. An exception URL list feature has been added.

Release Notes: New -HUP support, more log formats, improved handling under very heavy load, and a number of other minor new options and features.

Release Notes: This release includes a total rewrite of phrase searching code which makes searching using large lists several times faster. Better logging has been added, a new weighted phrase filtering system has been implemented, Big5 and other 8-bit-requiring text encoding methods are now supported, and HTTPS URL filtering as well as a large number of other features have been added.


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