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Release Notes: A URL filtering bypass which worked by appending a period '.' after the domain has been fixed.

  •  03 Dec 2003 19:35

Release Notes: The missing ICRA violence to objects was added, as well as improved URL filtering avoidance detection by better logic to find paths with a double slash "//". Compile problems due to a missing cerrno include have been fixed. The program can now bind to a low port when not running as root. A segfault when using the gentle restart has been resolved.

  •  19 Nov 2003 23:18

Release Notes: Bugs have been fixed in sub lists, configuration error detection, exceptionurllist, and OSX compilation. Improvements were made for command line errors, support for X-Forwarded-For, and processed file support for exception URL and site lists.

Release Notes: This version adds greysitelist and greyurllist functionality, which allows sites to be not banned due to URL, but still have their content filtered. The ability to restart without dropping connections was added. The ability to filter according to user group was added. Minor bugs were also fixed.

Release Notes: This release fixes a workaround where a user could put a double forward slash in the path of a URL to bypass some of the filtering.

Release Notes: The HTTP port is now stored in the logs. Exception and banned site lists can now use .tld. A bug where banned extensions were not logged has been fixed. Whitelist mode has been improved so that you can whitelist sites but still apply normal filtering to them. Bugs with URL matching and image replacement have been fixed.

Release Notes: HP-UX support and many new process options which allow multiple instances to run concurrently.

  •  12 Jul 2003 19:31

Release Notes: Fixes were made for Ident case sensitivity, two file descriptor leaks, a long-standing stability problem with the URL cache code, exiting on HUP, autoconf typos, and redundant fcntl() calls. Bulgarian language files and an image replacement feature were also added.

Release Notes: The main addition is a change of process model from fork-on-connect to fork pool which halves CPU usage and improves scalability. Other additions include improved internationalisation language file support, WebDAV support, accented character support, full 16- bit char support, and various options to switch off different types of text analysis to improve speed.

Release Notes: A fix for an issue where squid will fetch bad URLs such as '', thus bypassing the URL filtering part of DansGuardian.


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