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Daffodil DB is a SQL-99 specification compliant, lightweight, Java-based relational database engine (RDBMS). It supports almost all constructs of SQL 99 (including triggers, views, constraints, UDT, stored procedures, etc.), supports distributed transactions (XA), provides a complete JDBC 3.0 driver (including support for optional features like save points, rowsets, UDT, XA, connection pooling, etc.), and can run in embedded or server mode. It can be included as a jar file in any Java application. Daffodil DB includes Daffodil DB Browser, a GUI-based database management tool that can be used to carry out all database operations such as creating a database, creating database objects, executing SQL statements, and manipulating data, browser database objects, etc.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Apr 2005 05:54

    Release Notes: Performance enhancements were made for the following functionalities: prepared statement caching for select queries at the JDBC driver level, select query with the order by clause, retrieving objects from java.sql.ResultSet, select query with user defined functions, and time reduction in index navigation.

    •  24 Feb 2005 09:51

      Release Notes: User defined functions, support for updatable views, scalar functions, and table aliases in Update and Delete queries, support for using scalar functions in Group By clauses, addition and subtraction using (+) and (-) operators with Date and Timestamp data types, and support for scalar sub-queries in the select-list of a select query. This release also supports sorting using the Order By clause in a sub-query column, support for accessing cursor columns in FOR LOOP statements using a single variable, support for recursive routines, and performance enhancements related to DDL.

      •  08 Sep 2004 15:00

        Release Notes: New features include full text search, support for external Java methods, support for read-only data, and multi line comments.

        •  05 May 2004 14:43

          Release Notes: New features include significantly reduced boot-up time, a visual interface for creating triggers, tables, and stored procedures, Select For Update, support for Default in Insert query, natural join, and support for expressions in the 'IN' predicate. Current Timestamp function, Backup and Restore. The 'AUTOCOMMIT TRUE' transaction performance was improved. Changes were incorporated in the locking and index handling mechanism. Bugs related to privileges of procedure execution have been fixed, and much more.

          •  05 Sep 2002 04:12

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            08 Oct 2002 14:07 anuragkaimal

            Re: About Product

            > The new version Really seems to be
            > prommising.

            I also feels the same but still there is a lot of scope in improvement.

            08 Oct 2002 14:03 anuragkaimal

            Good News
            This Project is featured by some new things which the other databases do not have.It is very cost effective,and at the same time quality of database is also good.This new version is really a great improvenment.

            20 Sep 2002 16:07 joshiamogh

            Re: Daffodil DB Project Announcement
            Thanks to help in recovering the error in submisstion.

            18 Sep 2002 13:58 GhanshyamGehlot

            About Product
            The new version Really seems to be prommising.

            06 Sep 2002 11:06 pgulutzan

            Daffodil DB Project Announcement
            The project announcement page lists Daffodil DB as a "Shareware" license, but the Daffodil "pricing" page says there is a royalty for each copy embedded in an application, and the developer version (which is free) is called an "Evaluation" copy. Am I misunderstanding what the conventional shareware definition is, or is this "Shareware License" label an error?

            Peter Gulutzan
            Co-Author, SQL Performance Tuning


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