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Release Notes: This release features improved stability and feature enhancements. Of note, the Clickthrough Tracker now works again and has some minor enhancements, the Scheduled Mailer now supports partial list sendings based on queries to the subscriber list, and email templates in general can optionally support HTML::Template::Expr syntax.

Release Notes: Along with improved support for multiple subscriber fields, first started with the last release, this release features a completely rewritten email templating system, which should allow you to do any sort of mail merging you so fancy. The email templating system is based on HTML::Template, which is familiar, tested, and simple for geeks and designers alike.

Release Notes: This release features support for arbitrary subscriber fields and related features.

Release Notes: This release is a minor release, up from 2.11 Alpha 7. It features enhancements and optimizations to the SQL (Postgres, MySQL, and SQLite) backend schemas as well as all the bugfixes inherited from the 2.10.16 stable version.

  •  26 Sep 2007 00:57

Release Notes: This version features bugfixes from the 2.10.15 Release of Dada Mail.

  •  21 May 2007 03:29

Release Notes: This release fixes and closes over twenty submitted bugs from the 2.10.13 release. This version has no new documented features and should be compatible with anything written for 2.10.13. Of interest are several bugs closed in the (discussion lists) regarding security issues where spam messages are allowed to come through.

Release Notes: This version features some major improvements in the managing of mailouts done with Dada Mail. You can now enable a Global limit on the number of simultaneous mailouts. Individual mailouts may now also be queued if this limit has been reached. Mailouts may also be paused to allow a newer mailout to go out first. Integrity and reliability of the sending monitor system has also greatly improved.

Release Notes: This release is purely a bug fix release. Of note are some fixes to the plugin (primarily used for discussion lists) that close up some security holes found in the plugin's message validation and moderation systems, as well as handling the POP3 mail queue correctly and dealing with large messages that may cause havoc to the Dada Mail system.

  •  08 Mar 2007 23:24

Release Notes: This version of Dada Mail solves several bugs found in the 2.10.12 series. Of special note is a workaround for Solaris users and mass mailings.

Release Notes: This is the last version before the official 2.10.13 release. It cleans up a few small issues from the beta release, and adds some more documentation.


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