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  •  25 Oct 2002 16:28

Release Notes: This release has NIS support, highlighting new comments, user configured boxes, a new moderation system, RDF/RSS backends, a messages index page, Moz/NS6 sidebar support, 404 error handling, a debug function, an account creation restriction, a way to physically remove news, email notification for moderators, last comments display, sending private messages from a board, phpWiki URI in board, multiple session management, etc. It also contains two new themes (nexen and beos/6), a new admin script for cleaning, and some contribs (TribuneClient, TrollBrowser, and Webcalendar).

  •  23 Jul 2001 15:02

Release Notes: The cache has been improved a lot, and there are also some security fixes. All daCode users are encouraged to upgrade. The PostgreSQL version should work fine too.

  •  25 Feb 2001 12:57

Release Notes: There are too many changes to list. This is the Release Candidate 1 for version 1.0 of daCode. It's known to be stable.


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