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Double Entry Based Transaction System

DEBTS (Double Entry Based Transaction System) aims to be an all-in-one, Web-based personal finance package, suitable for the day to day management of an individual's financial transactions. Some features include graphical reports, user level security, an easy-to-use interface, and multiple user support.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 May 2005 16:23

    Release Notes: This release adds a new Expenditure Trial Balance report, adds Dutch and Malay language translations, improves transaction insertion to allow insertion between existing transactions with automatic time calculation, makes language files placed in the language folder be detected and listed for use, changes all remaining hard-coded English text to use the language definition files, and fixes the ugly table borders on Opera, incorrect adjustment of time for daylight saving time, and the financial status screen showing accounts for other users,

    •  07 Dec 2004 07:39

      Release Notes: A prompt screen was added for database and general settings during installation. A change settings menu option was added. Database tables and default entries are automatically created on install. Support was added for automatic table updates when installing future versions. A Yearly Option was added to the Balance Graph, which displays an account balance graph over an entire year, by month or week. The Financial Status Screen was not showing funds correctly and has been fixed. An Array Keys warning when transaction lines were greater than 26 was fixed. An easy installer for Win32 was added.

      •  17 Jun 2004 21:22

        Release Notes: This release includes a new financial status report and support for account types. A frequently asked questions section has been added to the readme. Two minor bugs in the database creation scripts were fixed. A bug that prevented logging out with Opera has been fixed.

        •  24 May 2004 15:09

          Release Notes: Transaction status flag was added, so the status of a transaction can be marked as unconfirmed, confirmed, or "to query". Multilanguage support was added to IMP. A problem where some style lines were not being drawn on tables in Opera 7.xx was fixed.

          •  21 Apr 2004 17:53

            Release Notes: There is a new user preferences screen to configure the default balance column and number of display lines. Transaction screen rendering has been improved, and now strictly shows the specified number of display lines regardless of the number of transactions per day. There are some backend code cleanups.

            Recent comments

            07 Dec 2004 17:54 frodo_1968

            Oops :)

            > Of course, it would be nice to have some

            > sore of documentation, but I guess that

            > will come in a later state.

            K - I am just blind... Never saw the readme.txt. My only excuse is that all files were shown as executables, and therefor in the same color. *G*

            By now, I have been testing some more, and made a Dutch language file. I will mail that to the project owner.

            In doing so, I noticed a few problems with the language handling, which I will add in the bug tracking on sf.

            07 Dec 2004 16:44 frodo_1968

            Thanks - and a lil correction
            First of all, I love this! Finally a simple way to do my finances.

            Of course, I do have a few comments:

            - the file ./languages/English.def does not exist - it is called english.def - meaning the application won't work before renaming that file.

            - the files in the tar.gz have way more permissions than the need to have. Of course it is the responsibility of the person using the application, to check for security risks, but it would be nice to mention this when it is used the first time.

            Of course, it would be nice to have some sore of documentation, but I guess that will come in a later state.

            All in all, thanks for this!



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