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CWirc is a plugin for the X-Chat IRC client to transmit raw Morse code over the internet using IRC servers as reflectors. The transmitted Morse code can be received in near real-time by other X-Chat clients with the CWirc plugin. CWirc tries to emulate a standard amateur radio rig: it sends and receives Morse over virtual channels, and it can listen to multiple senders transmitting on the same channel. Morse code is keyed locally using a straight or iambic key connected to a serial port, or using the mouse buttons, and the sound is played through the sound card, or through an external sounder.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 May 2006 08:33

    Release Notes: The automatic Morse code decoder can now be disabled.

    •  05 Aug 2004 02:05

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the incoming signal buffering that would overwrite buffered events when frames would come too fast during the fade-out period, just after a buffer underrun.

      •  25 Jul 2004 17:49

        Release Notes: A section was added in the README to explain how to use CWirc with the aRts daemon. The DTR line is now explicitly set so that CWirc can read back the state of the Morse key contact(s), even if another program left the serial port in a bad state.

        •  19 Jul 2004 12:59

          Release Notes: The plugin stub now filters out CWirc frames even when the plugin is disabled, so it's now possible to close the CWirc panel and keep chatting normally on a Morse channel. The plugin stub now correctly handles channel locks on different IRC servers, and warns the user when a lock is stale.

          •  09 Jul 2004 01:10

            Release Notes: The README has been corrected and a French translation of it has been added. The -fPIC flag has been added to build the plugin's object files. The Debian package maintainer has been changed and his changes have been merged.

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