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10 Jan 2005 21:41 vade79

Re: strange solution
as an update of sorts:

regex(regular expressions) has been implemented in the form of the "regex" definition instruction in v1.0.7 for those who desire it.

28 Dec 2004 11:42 vade79

Re: color wrapper cw-1.0.4
This should be fixed by now (1.0.6), although I have personally not experienced the problem I can GUESS at the reason. If anyone experiences this problem for some reason, after v1.0.6, please e-mail me.

27 Oct 2004 10:13 vade79

Re: color wrapper cw-1.0.4
if you'd send me an email with the specific source that this
occured on, os/dist and such information id be happy to
check into it.

25 Oct 2004 17:46 wildberger

color wrapper cw-1.0.4
With cw enabled I experienced problems with installation of programs from source. The config.guess that is invoked during the 'make depend' stage can no longer guess the system type. Removing cw eliminates this problem.


17 Aug 2004 15:58 TormentoR

Awesome :)
I just installed this on my shell!

It looks very l33t ;)

Loads of users are gonna like this, me most of all :)

Thanks! And keep on updating the commands and coloring!

11 Aug 2004 11:41 vade79

Re: strange solution
yes, i saw your project before i started making cw. your project was nice for coloring output/log files, but i found it to be too intrusive to be used for more than that; most specifically you cant make different definitions/rules for different command-line arguments and i felt it would be better to make a miniture definition language which was explicitly designed to color, instead of regex(sed-like syntax) which is not really designed for coloring.

hate to disagree, but i found it wasnt enough for 'all command-line utilities', at least as much as i wanted or the way i liked.

11 Aug 2004 07:35 ievlev

strange solution

I think it's a strange idea to create own

language for such simple task.

e.g. in my project csed

( I use sed

like syntax with regular expresions.

It's enough for all command-line utilites and



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