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CvsGraph is a utility for generation of graphical representation of revisions and branches from a CVS/RCS repository.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 May 2008 23:32

    Release Notes: Drawing merge lines has been improved using a shortest path algorithm. The imagemaps are accordingly updated and fixed to reflect the merge lines' position correctly. The build system has been redone using automake to improve portability and simplify administration. The left-to-right display, which had suffered from bitrot over the last 2 releases, has been fixed.

    •  08 Jul 2006 20:49

      Release Notes: Merge lines between branches with the same parent were drawn cross-over. These were made easier to see by forcing them to originate on one side of the revision boxes.

      •  18 Dec 2005 07:04

        Release Notes: Dynamic colors and strings based on revision and branch content were added. This improves identification of patterns like author, date, state, or other CVS information. Merge lines with multiple searches were added so that merge lines can be of different colors depending on the tagging scheme used within the same image. There are also several bugfixes for parsing fields and compatibility with cvsnt.

        •  14 Jun 2005 21:46

          Release Notes: The new CVSNT syntax is now supported, including fixes for mergepoint parsing and minor drawing updates. A POSIX bug in time calculation has been fixed to help Solaris and a configure update made to support better detection of libgd2.

          •  23 Oct 2004 05:29

            Release Notes: This release adds CVSNT support to show merge points, and more control over showing of tags and revision numbers. It resolves various timezone problems, fixes a bug that could cause a branch's revision numbers to be incorrect, and adds more control over compression and generation of PNG images.


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