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cvsfs is an attempt to let a user mount a CVS project like any file system. It allows you to navigate and browse through a project tree. No preparations are required on the CVS server side.


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  •  28 Dec 2004 01:00

Release Notes: Multithreading was established. A background thread is now used to update the CVS directory tree shown to the user periodically. The source now compiles on AMD64. Some bugfixes and code rewrites were applied.

  •  17 Dec 2004 14:53

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to add and check-in files to the repository. Communication with the CVS server can partially be obtained. The actual state of the CVS tree is stored at program end and read in when the appropriate repository is mounted. Special versions of files can be accessed using the '@@' delimiter. For example, 'cat filename@@1.2' may be used to get version 1.2 of the file 'filename'.

  •  13 Dec 2004 14:40

Release Notes: Man pages have been added. You can obtain the response for the last CVS action you performed on a file. Some bugfixes have been applied.

  •  12 Dec 2004 12:34

Release Notes: Allows you to retrieve info about a file in question. The version of the file and where it is coming from can be obtained. Some bugfixes are also applied.

Release Notes: This is a new implementation of cvsfs that uses the FUSE framework (see


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