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cvs-importer automates the task of importing all past versions of an existing project into CVS or Subversion, including automatically removing generated files, creating .cvsignore files/svn:ignore properties, and tagging each version. Thus, you can gain some of the advantages of scm for the older versions that weren't actually developed in cvs/svn, by having all the changes in the history.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Aug 2002 00:44

    Release Notes: New support for subversion, a new test suite, ability to handle -rc version strings, recognizing the alternate spelling for newer autoconf versions, fixing .cvsignore generation in subdirs, and changing the standard behavior to not create a global cvsignore file.

    •  15 Dec 2001 15:14

      Release Notes: This release fixes handling of relative filename commandline arguments.

      •  14 Dec 2001 00:55

        Release Notes: Remembering to note dependancy on atool and file, allowing multiple dirs and/or files to be specified (and if none are, use the current dir), ceasing to print the 'removing generated/excluded ...' message for empty lists, and a fix for the problem of binary files already in the first version of a project not being imported as binary.

        •  06 Dec 2001 03:55

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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