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cvs-get is a Perl script that allows you to automate the downloading of current CVS snapshots from a variety of sources. It supports features such as listing and downloading of cvs modules from a sources file, updating of the sources file rom multiple remote locations, and building of Debian packages automatically from Debian-enabled CVS sources. It also include unsupported install/upgrade/remove features which can be used as a rudimentary LFS package manager.


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Release Notes: Parsing configuration variables before a debuild, fixed support for multiple package handling on the command line, and enabled support for CVS repositories that require passwords to login.

Release Notes: A configuration file, removing the need for wget in favor of libwww-perl, and a rudimentary package manager structure for LFS systems.

Release Notes: A debuild command which will automatically build Debian package from Debian-enabled cvs modules and then clean up after itself.

Release Notes: cvs.sources has been restructured for future functionality, and cvs-get list now includes descriptions of all modules.

Release Notes: An update function that grabs the current cvs.sources file from has been added.

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17 Oct 2001 01:23 jamesblackwell

Online cvs-get cvs.sources repository
With the permission of Doug, I've set up a small web site for the community at ( There, you can pull a current cvs.sources, and submit new cvs repositories for Doug to review (and approve I hope!)


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