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22 Aug 2012 03:58 domperignon

Can't live without curl :)

28 May 2003 19:29 macdaddy

Curl helps to fight spam as well!
I discovered Curl tonight. I was looking for a solution for forms that used POST to submit an email address for unlisting from a spammer's "marketing" list. *chuckle* Forms that use GET are easy enough to script with bash and wget. POST presented a different problem. Curl solved it for me. With a small amount of bash shell scripting I've managed to seed my list of roughly 4400 spamtrap addresses 31 times. That's well over 100,000 seeded spamtraps! Kudos to the Curl developers for this unintentional but useful trick with Curl. :-)

24 Jan 2002 21:27 davmac

Nice work there
I haven't used it much, but the program is definitely quite good - I have managed to continue several interrupted downloads and with much less hassle than with "wget".

The documented return codes, and the ability to resume a download independent of the target filename, also make it much more suitable for use as a component of another program (eg graphical download frontend). This is the sort of functionality that programs such as this should strive for! Flexibility and good documentation is a must and curl has both.

Finally, the library seems to be very flexible and the documentation is quite reasonable.

09 Jan 2002 03:42 bagder

give us your view of things
We're now running a questionnaire about the curl project. What to do and what not to do. Bring us your view and opinions:

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